Amy Lin

I am a senior undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University, working on point cloud diffusion and sparse view pose estimation with Jason Y. Zhang advised by Prof. Shubham Tulsiani. I am interested in machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

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Cameras as Rays: Sparse-view Pose Estimation via Ray Diffusion
ICLR 2024 Oral Presentation

Jason Y. Zhang*, Amy Lin*, Moneish Kumar, Tzu-Hsuan Yang, Deva Ramanan, Shubham Tulsiani

project page | arXiv

RelPose++: Recovering 6D Poses from Sparse-view Observations
3DV 2024 Oral Presentation

Amy Lin*, Jason Y. Zhang*, Deva Ramanan, Shubham Tulsiani

project page | arXiv


Brief project centered around learning a latent space for categories of 3D objects using NeRS.

Multiplayer deathmatch style first person shooter made for WebGL. A Game Creation Society project made with ~15 interdisciplinary students.

Unity Oculus Quest 2 application to measure how a person’s physical intuition in various environments. Independent study at the Augmented Perception Lab.

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